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Center Stage: Rebel Rouser

"Making Music and Memories"

Rebel Rouser made its home at Winner's in Nashville officially on February 14th of this year. Every Tuesday at 7 PM, you can expect a fresh lineup of writers playing their original songs. The founder of Rebel Rouser said that he "just wanted to create something a little bit different and not be a clique. We have piano players, country writers, pop writers, you name it. I love how all the artists are organically making this into something new and how I’m not the face of what this is or could become. That’s one of the reasons I chose not to host it myself and asked my good friend, Joe Barron, (also a singer/songwriter) to take the stage hosting." So far, Rebel Rouser has had great traction and those who run the round are constantly in contact with writer's in town who want to take the stage. It's a pretty unique experience to get to see live music all the time.

How Did Rebel Rouser Come to Be?

Back in May of last year, a few friends were playing golf and started to talk about starting something different in Nashville. The founder and his friends wanted it to feel like an underground writer's experience. Rebel Rouser is supposed to be disruptive in the music industry. "Everybody does the same thing all the time and we're okay with not doing that." Those involved in creating this round are excited to see where this goes. Their goals for this summer are to make it a standing room-only experience and maybe host an outdoor show/experience. Rebel Rouser is encouraging artists to step outside their traditional sound and network with other artists they normally wouldn’t think of.

How can you support Rebel Rouser?

  1. You can follow them and repost their upcoming shows on social media --

  2. If you're playing the round, bring your friends and family

  3. Follow the writers and artists who take the stage

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1 Comment

Scott Scott
Scott Scott
Mar 23, 2023

I’ve been to Rebel Rouser. It was a cool experience with a upbeat listening room vibe. The message is refreshing in the Nashville scene that will keep me coming back.

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