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American Made: Megan Ashley

Last weekend, I had Megan Ashley come into my office in person to talk about her career as a songwriter. I usually put 10-15 time limits on these as a courtesy, but Megan and I were there until 9:15 at night just chatting. She is a genuine and kind soul with the greatest heart for music. Below this article, you are going to find a sound clip in the style of a podcast where I asked Megan about her career as a songwriter and success coach for college students.

Her new song, "American Summer," is just in time for our Fourth of July celebrations coming up. Megan Ashely is a Texas-born, country singer-songwriter that roots in this great country. She learned life lessons from her family and specifically her father that she reflects throughout this song. Like most songs released today, there were a lot of co-writers on this song that helped Megan bring this to life. "American Summer," makes you want to drive down a dirt road and blast this song with your best friends. It takes you back to those summer days you have been longing for. "American Summer," has some amazing electric guitar, percussion, and lyrics. This song is close to Megan's heart.

Megan has had to learn how to navigate the industry in co-writes, sessions, and working with multiple producers to find the right one. What people might not understand is that building a song for release is a process that can take months. There's writing and re-writing involved, finding session musicians and engineers you work well with. Mixing and mastering a song to near perfection takes time, effort, and money. Help me support Megan Ashley on her journey in country music!

To hear more about Megan Ashely, future shows, and exclusive songwriter tips, listen to the interview below.


Don't want to listen to a full podcast? Megan Ashley played a few songs in the studio that I recorded for you to listen to!


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