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Songwriter Spotlight: Anna Scott

Anna Scott has been making waves in Nashville from releasing music to playing out on Broadway. Her sound is country-rock and she says that one of her biggest influences is Chris Stapleton. Along with country, she's been throwing in some blues elements as well. Anna Scott is a regular musician at AJ's downtown, co-writing and earning her degree at Belmont University. She is focusing on her artistry and writing as well as being a full-time student. Being a songwriter in the music industry that is always changing as well as being a full-time student or having a full-time job is a delicate balance that many others do around town as well.

Her recent song, "TIME," is everything you want to hear from a new country artist. It's not just your typical song you'd hear on the radio. It has a jazz element to it and the chords add a certain spice to the song itself. Her voice is natural and you can tell the production on it was done well. The vocals are authentic and you can understand every word she's singing.

Going to a school like Belmont, she has been able to make great connections with production and tracking on her latest releases from other students. Here's what she said about her recent writing:

"Originally, I wrote TIME when I was in a place where I was thinking about friendships and relationships that had been super toxic. I was going through a phase of sticking up for myself and knowing my worth. Last September, I worked with some musicians and it was my first time recording in Nashville with Nashville musicians. It was a cool process with people who knew exactly what I wanted," Anna Scott.

Anna Scott is currently continuing her performances and will hopefully be reaching out to venues in Nashville and other cities. She never thought of a second option or music. "This is where I need to be and if I stick my heels in the ground and continue working hard, things will fall into place," Anna Scott. Nashville is the place to be and to grow as an artist. To find out more about Anna, check out the links below to her account and her music!


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