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Songwriter Spotlight: Mattie Rose

Mattie Rose is a Texas artist currently studying at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She had a passion for music and started writing when she was sixteen.

Being an independent artist takes a lot of hard work and determination and Mattie is unrelenting. She has recently released an EP entitled "Whiskey Me Away." This EP has classic country elements and it's very relatable. Every song on her EP tells a story from personal experiences. "Whiskey Me Away," was produced in her hometown in  Texas in a time frame of only 12 hours. Mattie frequently travels from Music City to Fort Worth, Texas, and usually has a small window of time to complete a music recording with her producer.  Mattie's dedication to her songwriting  is evident in the writing and  production of her latest EP.

After Mattie  completes her degree work at Belmont University, she will be pursuing an artist career full-time. She already has a few songs in the works this year and plans on releasing them in the next few months . Mattie describes her music to first-time listeners as "a little bit like Patsy Cline and like 90s country music." Her music is honest and our favorite from the EP is, "California Cowboy," inspired by her relationship with her boyfriend of six years. Long distance relationships can be difficult, but it's worth it. Sometimes.

Another single we love on this EP is, "Tyler." It's about the "other woman" and wishing you could hate her, but you can't. It's not her fault in the end, but the anger and bitterness linger. "Whiskey Me Away," is the last song on the EP that is  a resolution to "Tyler." There's finally a feeling of moving on and focusing on getting over who hurt you the most. 

Show Mattie some love and check out her music. 




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