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Songwriter Spotlight: Katie James

Katie James has always known that she wanted to pursue music and Nashville was the place where she always wanted to be. For Katie, it's important to keep her Christian values while pursuing this dream. She is studying commercial music and working on her songwriting while being a student.

Sometimes, the balance is hard, but I think that I know music is what I want to do. I want to make it a priority. Honestly, I wish I knew there’s no set path. I used to think I needed a set path and a record deal was the only way to be successful but now, I grow at my own pace," Katie James

Katie's latest single, "Black Coffee," is a cute, pop-folk infused song with a hint of Nashville. "Black Coffee," is an upbeat song with beautiful harmonies and has a great production value to it. The lyrics tell a story and it's very easy to picture yourself in the story. It's a perfect, radio ready song that would be greatly suited for a coffeehouse station, pun unintended. Katie James is playing rounds around Nashville and connecting with other musicians and writers. This town is built on honest and authentic connections. For her song, "Black Coffee," she worked with fellow students and worked in the school's studios.

I am integrating my faith into my music, so I consider myself to be greatly suited towards the country music scene," Katie James

Katie James is going to keep being inspired in Music City and growing as an artist. Keep up with Katie James and everything she's been up to by checking out her links below!


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