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Fresh Finds: 12th Avenue by Sammy Kay


Welcome to our first installment of Fresh Finds where we bring you latest releases from artists. Today, we had the opportunity to talk with Sammy Kay about her latest release, “12th Avenue.” An easy listening, fun EP with songs she previously released as singles. Specifically, 12th Avenue can bring you back to Taylor Swift’s album, “folklore”. Sammy’s vocals are sweet and the instrumentation is unique and different than what you hear on the radio today.

1. Provide a brief background of yourself as an artist and what has changed in the past year?

I am an indie folk-pop artist living in Nashville, TN. I recently graduated from Belmont University’s songwriting program, which is where I wrote all of the songs on my new EP. I perform regularly around Nashville, some of those places include The Listening Room, Big Machine Tavern, and with Nashville Tour Stop. Something that has changed in the past year is I’ve finally found ‘my people’ in the music world. I feel blessed to have found the best producers, co-writers, friends, and band mates who genuinely support me and my music. I’m blooming more than I ever have because of them.

2. Tell us briefly about your new single “12th Avenue”

“12th Avenue” is the title track to my new EP that also consists of my three latest singles. These songs are a compilation of my college life leading to where I am now. The song “12th Avenue” was a class assignment for one of my songwriting classes at Belmont University my sophomore year. The assignment was to write about a specific place, and it ultimately turned into a love song inspired by a past love.

3. Are there any co-writers? Who produced the single?

There are no co-writers on this song. The song was produced by Jackson Ward at Round Table Recording Company in Indianapolis, IN. He also produced “Apt. 419” and “Whenever the Time is Right” off of the EP.

4. What was your process for this latest release?

I ultimately knew that I wanted these four tracks to be a part of a “collection” because I feel that these songs are some of my proudest creations as a songwriter. The “12th Avenue” EP embodies the vision that I want to be as an artist. I wrote the song “12th Avenue” in two nights in the basement of the Sam Wilson building at Belmont. I would say my top inspirations at the time were Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor. This was the first song that I had written on piano, and it has been kind of sitting on the back shelf, waiting for it’s time to shine. I never perform it live haha! I decided to take this song to Round Table Recording Company because I had a great feeling about the people there, and I didn’t want just the “Nashville sound”. I can not say enough great things about my producer, Jackson Ward. He understood my vision as an artist and took this song to a level that I didn’t know it could go to.

5. What are your plans for promotion for this single?

I am currently filming a music video for “12th Avenue” at Columbia Studio A on music row and 12th Avenue. Release date coming soon! I also plan to pitch this song to Spotify playlists, radio, blogs, and film/tv. I imagine this song landing in a Hallmark film! The ultimate dream!


Listen to the EP “12th Avenue” by clicking this link!

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Scott Scott
Scott Scott
Mar 13, 2022

Smooth. Has kind of a Nora Jones vibe.

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