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Fresh Finds: Rianna Marie

Rianna Marie's most recent release, "Council Hill," can be described as a dark, cowgirl country song. Rianna delivers a charming performance vocally and instrumentally. Living in Nashville, you are always exposed to great music and artists. You can tell Rianna has been influenced by what this city has to offer and the other writers. She is sticking to her country roots to give listeners a unique listening experience.

What is a brief background of yourself as an artist, what has changed in the past year?

"Rianna Marie is new to Nashville and still acclimating herself to city life after growing up in a small town in Wisconsin. She has always had a passion for storytelling and writing and couldn’t be more excited to live where there is creativity all around her."

Where are you based out of?

Nashville, TN.

What are you planning on releasing this year?

"This year Rianna is releasing an EP titled “Nascar”."

Have you been co-writing with other writers?

"Yes! Aniston Pate, Alvaro V, Savannah Burrows, Gloria Anderson."

What was the process for writing and releasing your new music? Why did you pick your genre you play?

“Nascar” holds all the songs that took me from writing in her childhood home to packing up and moving down South. It’s full of stories about places and people I’ve met along the way and all the bittersweet emotions that come with getting older. I’ve held on to some of these songs for years waiting for the time I felt I had a full piece of art to share, and now finally feels like the right time. I write folk music because my biggest love is writing lyrics. I love artists like James Taylor, Tyler Childers, The Eagles, and Grace Potter. I feel deeply about the words and perspectives these artists share, and I can only hope to learn from their music."

Where have you been playing live music and planning to play this upcoming month?

"I focus on playing writer’s rounds. Some of my favorite places to play are Winners Bar, Margaritaville Hotel, and The Local. I am playing at the Local Thursday, May 11th with The Write Time."

What do you like most about your music career?

"I really enjoy the ability music has given me to explore the world around me. One of my absolute favorite parts of playing and writing with other musicians is sharing how we see the world around us. It gives me insight and a well-rounded outlook on the things around me. I believe hearing other people’s stories has helped me gain a lot of empathy for struggles big and small."

Why did you choose a career in the music industry? What are your long term goals?

"Sometimes I pray that I could give up on this crazy dream of being a musician. There are a million other paths I could take that are so much clearer and stable. But, no matter how hard it gets, I find myself coming back to it every time. My long term goals are to grow a group of people that appreciate the music I’m putting out. If my music can offer comfort and community, no matter how big the crowd, then I have succeeded."

What is one song that would describe the soundtrack of your life?

"Wandering," by James Taylor."

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