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Fresh Finds: Katie James

We're back with a Fresh Find this week that I am super excited about. Katie James is an amazing artist and writer that I actually got to share the stage with at a round here in Nashville. She's been on this site before and we are so glad we were able to interview her again for her latest single. Keep reading on to see what Katie is doing this year and about her new song, Better as Strangers.

Can you describe yourself as an artist? What has changed in the past year?

Music has always been my passion! From being involved in every choir growing up to throwing myself into every opportunity I can find, there's nothing I love more. Combining authentic lyrics with catchy melodies to create my unique pop-country sound, Nashville has been the perfect place to dive into the deep end. This past year, I have truly tried to challenge myself as an artist. Along with that there have been so many perks, from playing at writers rounds downtown Nashville, playing band shows, releasing music, to meeting new people, creating connections, and doing co-writes, I wouldn't change a single thing. Nashville certainly has my heart.

Where are you based out of?

I am currently based out of Nashville!

What are you planning on releasing this year?

On July 7th, 2023 I am releasing my second single ever "Better As Strangers" and to say I am beyond excited is an understatement! Along with that, I definitely plan on releasing more singles and keeping the snowball rolling!

Have you been co-writing with other writers?

I have! As I mentioned a bit before, there are so many incredible people to meet in Nashville and I have been so fortunate to meet some insanely talented people at rounds I have played. With that being said, I love co-writing with people that I meet on performance nights! It's always fun to bring different styles together and see what we can create together!

What was the process for writing and releasing your new music? Why did you pick your genre you play?

For me, writing music happens in so many different ways. Sometimes I'll get a hook and jot it down in my notes pad and the song will literally write itself. Other times, I might be going through something and it's a great way to truly process what I'm going through. But, then there are also times where I am short of ideas, but just longing to write so I go for it anyway! As far as releasing music goes, whenever I have a song that I think could really be something I send over a voice memo to my insanely fabulous producer, Noah Haggard, and he gives me his thoughts on the idea! It's incredible, because I'll have an idea for a song and we'll come up with a vision together, and somehow he just brings it all to light, it's absolutely incredible. I am so blessed to work with such a decided musician, producer, and friend! With all the being said, I chose country music because I feel like it fits a lot of my values. As a Christian, I feel like country music is very accepting of that and I am beyond in love with the art of songwriting and the storytelling that happens in country music. Country music and its scene just feels like a safe place to me.

Where have you been playing live music and planning to play this upcoming month?

I have been playing all over Nashville! From small bars around town to right on Broadway, I love "unlocking" a new venue!

What do you like most about a career in music?

Honestly, it's so hard to just pick one thing! I truly love every step of the process. I never imagined that I'd be independently releasing music during college and playing downtown Nashville 3-5 times a week, so I would definitely say pushing myself beyond my limits and what I thought was possible is such a fun part of my music career. Truly, the fact that I am able to do that makes me beyond grateful.

Why did you choose a career in the music industry? What are your long term goals?

I chose a career in the music industry because it's something I never get tired of and love day after day, and year after year. Music is my solution to everything. Rough day, music. Great day, music. Celebration, music, The answer to everything for me has always been music, and I am a firm believer in chasing your dreams. If something truly makes you happy, never give up on it. So that's exactly what I plan on doing! One day I hope that my music can reach people in ways that words simply cannot, along with that, of course, I would LOVE to go on tour and just get to pour my heart out onstage with my songs. Everything about this career is an absolute yes to me! From the writing process, to recording, to the people, to performing, I love it all. I truly couldn't ever see myself doing anything other than this!

What is one song that would describe the soundtrack of your life?

Picking one song to be the soundtrack of my life is so hard! But at this moment, if I had to choose one, I would probably say "Brand New" by Ben Rector. I just feel like things are falling into place and I am beyond grateful for every opportunity that I have gotten thus far and I am ecstatic for the future. So right now, I'd say that song would be the soundtrack of my life.

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