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Fresh Finds: Izzy Potter

Izzy Potter is a Nashville based pop/indie powerhouse with a new single coming out April 28th called, "Trash Talk." Nashville has a lot of talent to offer and Izzy Potter is someone to keep on your radar. Read all about Izzy and what she has coming up this year.

Brief background of yourself as an artist, what has changed in the past year?

"Izzy Potter is a singer/songwriter currently based in Nashville, TN with roots in New York.

She is an independent artist with universally relatable, poignant, and often personal

lyrics. Her first self-released EP “Place Called Home” has her most requested high-energy single “Juniper” to play live. Izzy’s lyrics have depth and insight that is both

playful and intriguing and have been remarked as “spot on” for such a young talent. Her

storytelling is invoked with the spirit of acoustic pop/folk-style sounds. Her storytelling

style is often compared to artists like Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels, Noah Kahn, Fleetwood

Mac, and Phoebe Bridgers. She has been songwriting since she was 12 years old and

was recognized by NSAI songwriting evaluators as “One to Watch.” In New York, Izzy

can be found anywhere around town playing with local bands--such as her Bowery

Ballroom NYC debut alongside Long Islands indie-rock band Arcy Drive--playing local

venues, bars, restaurants, festivals including the Huntington Paramount Stage, Arlene’s

Grocery. Izzy is currently based in Nashville, studying songwriting at Belmont University,

and can be found performing at various venues in the area. Izzy is excited to continue

her love of performing and writing. No doubt her drive, devotion, and passion for writing

will destine her for success."

Where are you based out of?

"Hey! I’m Izzy Potter, singer-songwriter from Long Island, NY and currently based in

Nashville, TN!"

What are you planning on releasing this year?

"My latest single “trash talk!” drops April 28th and it’s my first release in about a year and

first release since coming to Nashville."

Have you been co-writing with other writers?

"I have been co-writing! Moving to Nashville for school has definitely introduced me to

co-writing, something I hadn’t previously done in NY. I played a lot of writer's rounds

when I first arrived here, and met a ton of people there that I still write with."

What was the process for writing and releasing your new music? Why did you pick your genre you play?

"For “trash talk!” I wrote this song back in December of 2021 right after my 3-year-long

relationship ended. I was talking to my mom on a trip to NYC and on the way I was just

saying “Wow I wish something happened that I could in a way blame the breakup on,”

like if there was a giant fight..or some sort of reason for why this didn’t work out when in

reality we simply grew apart, which happens! It’s a song about how after a breakup

everyone tries to talk shit about the ex, saying you’re better off without them, other fish in

the sea type things, and all that. We tend to try to focus on the bad to overcompensate

for the loss of all the great things about that person. You want to speak ill of them but

you just can’t because you know it’s not true. I recorded a rough demo with my talented

friend/producer Ben Bustamante in Long Island, then took this song to Nashville and

started playing it at various rounds/shows. People really vibed with it, so I ultimately

decided it was going to be the next single. It’s super high-energy and one of my favorites

to play. We then tracked it live with the band at Greybox studio in Nashville. I kind of fell

into the indie-pop scene here in Nashville, influenced by the fantastic songwriters around

me. The music I released previously has been super pop which I love, but I always knew

I wanted to head in a different direction. I always say I’m a singer-songwriter and then

everything else is a blur. Indie pop? Indie rock? Folk? All the above haha. Though this

next release is still very much in the pop realm, I love this song dearly as it is just super

fun and energetic! I am very excited for my next project as it will definitely have music

that is sonically diverse in its indie-pop/rock and folk influences."

Where have you been playing live music and planning to play this upcoming month?

"I have been playing all around Nashville including venues such as Cafe Coco and The

Well. I just played a fantastic show at The End on April 5th, one of the most energetic

and electric shows I’ve ever done. The crowd, the lights, the music, everything was

phenomenal and the other performers were incredible! My last show of the semester is

April 22nd at Cafe Coco before heading back to NY, where I will be for the summer

playing more gigs/traveling! Stay tuned for those on my instagram and website."

What do you like most about your music career?

"Definitely being able to create music that I love and believe in, and being able to perform

and share that with a crowd of people, is the most rewarding feeling ever. I love

performing so much, but also love those moments in between. The feeling before going

out on stage, the nervous excitement in your stomach. When the band comes over and

we hang and laugh and practice. When we hit the stage and know we killed it, smiling

like crazy backstage together. The quiet in the moments after I write a new song and

share it to my friends/band. Planning out show outfits..Recording too, how can I forget! I

love every part of this journey from the beautiful moments on stage, to the little things in


Why did you choose a career in the music industry? What are your long term goals?

"I know the music industry is very volatile and competitive. There is so much

talent and beauty in the world and it can feel very overwhelming at times to try to avoid

comparison. I used to believe a music career was unrealistic, but I realized if it's what I

love so much I at least have to try. I feel like most people have a calling and this is mine.

I want longevity to be my goal. I want to be around for a while and be able to sustain

myself through music financially, touring, and creating music people can enjoy."

What is one song that would describe the soundtrack of your life?

"This is such a tough question, maybe at this moment it’s “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac.

It's a song to me that resonates in such a time of change and self-introspection. Answers

to things in life we don’t know, wondering and thinking about the changes all around us.

College has for sure had some of the biggest moments of my career so far, things and

people ever evolving around me."


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