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Fresh Finds: Anna J Stamato

Anna J Stamato's latest song, "Frustrated," can be described as pop-country and what you can expect to hear on the radio today. The production is professional and the writing is modern. Her voice is original and you can feel the emotion in the song. Anna is a storyteller and graduated from Belmont University with a degree in Songwriting. Keep reading to see what Anna had to say about her career, Nashville, and her artistry.

Provide a brief background of yourself as an artist, what has changed in the

past year?

I’m a country-pop artist, raised in Frederick, MD and I currently travel between

Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC. I have always loved songwriting and fusing

country’s storytelling with pop’s hooks and melodies. I went to college in

Nashville (Belmont University) and wrote hundreds of songs while living there.

This past year is when I started officially releasing music as an independent

artist and it has been amazing! I love sharing new songs with a full production

backing so listeners can fully immerse themselves into the world of the song.

Where are you based out of?

I am currently based in Charlotte, NC and travel to Nashville monthly.

What are you planning on releasing this year?

I have so many songs I am working on releasing- the most exciting part is they

are all new songs that my followers have yet to hear. I have a new song I’m

working on getting out this summer and possibly a music video to pair with it to

add to the song’s experience.

Have you been co-writing with other writers?

Yes! Lately, since I have been in Charlotte more than Nashville, I have occasional

Zoom writes which are always a blast! A majority of the time right now I am

writing by myself and for all three songs I released, I wrote solo.

What was the process for writing and releasing your new music? Why

did you pick your genre you play?

The writing process has become very “drop-of-a-hat” for me where the second I

have an idea, I have to go get a guitar and start writing to stay in that creative

headspace. I actually wrote my song “Nobody with Nobody” that way. I was

thinking of the title to myself and thought “Huh, that actually is a fun title”. After

writing it, I knew I wanted that to be my debut single so I found a Nashville

producer and we got to work. In my most recent release, “Frustrated”, I recorded at

Blackbird Studio in Nashville with Lowell Reynolds and got to meet so many

amazing musicians. The process of recording “Frustrated” was so much fun,

testing out different microphones, hearing what the musicians thought would

sound cool, adding instruments, and reviewing the mix. It was such a great

experience and I think you can hear that in the song!

I have always loved country and pop music! I grew up listening to Country music

and my influences (Randy Travis, Taylor Swift, Alan Jackson) are all Country

artists. I think my songwriting will always lean towards country storytelling, but

working in some pop melodies. The funny part is when I am in Nashville,

every time I write with someone in the country genre they say “Oh, you’re kinda

pop” Then when I write with someone who writes pop, it turns out a bit more

country. It’s the production ultimately where I can determine how pop vs.

country the track will lean.

Where have you been playing live music and planning to play this

upcoming month?

I’m in both Charlotte and Nashville this month! Here are my upcoming dates:


Devil’s Logic Brewing, April 7th, 7pm

Corkscrew Kingsley, April 8th, 7:30pm

Corkscrew Kingsley, April 22nd, 7:30pm

Grape & Barley (Gastonia), June 2nd, 6pm

Southbound, June 20th, 6pm


The Countrypolitan, April 15th, 6-9pm

Raleigh, NC:

Crafty Beer, Wine & Spirits, May 20th, 5-8pm

You can see all upcoming dates on my website as well at

What do you like most about your music career?

I love performing original songs! I think it’s really special to get to write and tell

a story then perform it with the visual energy alongside the attitude of the song!

When people sing along that is seriously the best feeling ever!

Why did you choose a career in the music industry? What are your

long term goals?

I chose a music industry career because I cannot picture my life without music. I

love writing songs, working with producers to get the sound just right, and

performing live. My long-term goal is to get a record deal and release a few

albums that I can tour. One day I would love to go on a headlining tour and

perform at a music awards show.

What is one song that would describe the soundtrack of your life?

The first song that comes to mind is “Look Heart, No Hands” by Randy Travis. I have

always loved that song and, especially in the past few years, I have grown a lot as an

artist and as a person. I love the line: “Took a little time to get up to speed/ to find

the confidence and the strength I need/ to just let go and reach for the sky”. It’s a

nostalgic song for me and reminds me how far I have come.


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Scott Scott
Scott Scott
19. Apr. 2023

Great article. I’m going to check out your music tonight!

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