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Fresh Finds: Hippies and Cowboys

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Where do we even begin with a band like Hippies and Cowboys? With comparisons to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, and CCR, it’s no wonder Hippies and Cowboys are a fan favorite. Aaron Sparling, Scott Metko, Kevin Corbo, Andrew Lambie, and Nolan Brown are bringing classic Rock and Roll to Nashville, Tennessee. I’ll just add in here real quick too that they do dress like their band namesake too, almost as if you’re stepping back into the 70s or opening up a time capsule. Their style is heavily reflected in their music as well. As a band on Broadway, they sleep all day and play music all night long. Broadway is one of the biggest tourist attractions for Nashville and one of the few hubs that knows how to pay musicians for their time and talents.

All bands have to start somewhere, and a lot of times they don’t work out. Schedules don’t line up and priorities are out of focus. Hippies and Cowboys are pursuing music full-time and everyone apart of the group is committed to putting on the best performance every night and every show. Five nights a week, they‘re playing shows at Kid Rock‘s Big Ass Honky Tonk and Nudies.

The band started with Aaron and meeting bandmates through his uncle or going to events like Live on the Green here in Nashville, TN. While Aaron is also the lead writer for their band, most sets on Broadway are all cover songs, maybe you can sneak in an original or two. That’s why Hippies and Cowboys have been playing other venues outside of Broadway and recording their record. They’re not just a Honky Band playing shows at one in the morning. They are creating a name for themselves and making sure they’re being branded authentically. You can hear the southern rock and soul influences in their original music as well as their cover sets. Even the production of their new single, “20 to Life,” sounds vintage.

“Well I might be looking at 20 to life if I find that girl in Reno tonight,” 20 to Life by Hippies and Cowboys

The more live music Hippies and Cowboys play, the more in demand the band becomes. While some gave up during the pandemic or took a break from music, Hippies and Cowboys never rested. They took that time in lockdown to write, record, and master their craft as a band. It can be challenging at times to work as a team or schedule practices around everyone’s lives, but as mentioned before, everyone who plays in Hippies and Cowboys is committed to the gig.

I asked the members of the band during our interview what they would go back and tell themselves a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago, and here’s what some of the members had to say:

“Learn songs all the way through,” Andrew Lambie
“Keep working for the dream and work harder when it’s stop. And stop drinking so damn much,” Aaron Sparling
“Don’t be so moral and get into trouble with the boys. Be outgoing,” Kevin Corbo
“It’s important that we form friendships through these adversities,” Scott Metko

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