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Fresh Finds: Lyle Oliver

If Hank Williams Jr went Bro Country, that’s what Busch Party is. It's a classic, beer-drinking song that you crank in the summer, on a boat or gathered around a big fire pit. Today, we’re featuring Lyle Oliver as our Fresh Finds, here’s what he had to say about his career in the music industry.


Provide a brief background of yourself as an artist, what has changed in the past year? 

“I’m a singer-songwriter originally born in Scotland that’s trying to develop my unique style and identity. I don’t want to sound cookie-cutter. I’ve written a lot of material over the past year due to Covid.”

Where are you based?

“I live in small town Thornbury, Ontario.”

What are you planning on releasing this year?

“So far this year, I have released solo tracks: “Girl Out There”, and “Busch Party”. Also, released a duo single, “Dandelions and Roses” with Mladen Alexander, which was a tribute to Don Everly. “Dreaming the Same Dream”, and “Hands Off She’s Mine,” are solo releases planned for later this year. “Sentimental Reasons” another duo release with Mladen Alexander will be released July 30.”

Have you been co-writing with other writers?

“I have co-written with Mladen Alexander for three releases last year, “Sleeve, Stars and Stripes, and This Means War.” “Dreaming the Same Dream “ was co-written with MF. Schlotterbeck and will be released this September.”

What was the process for writing and releasing this single? What genre of music do you play and why did you choose it?

“Busch Party evolved due to Covid and inspired Bush Parties. Busch gave the song a “cooler” title. All my songs start with an acoustic guitar. I found this great session player from the UK, Tobias Wilson, who put down the banjo, acoustic, and dobro tracks. The rest of the tracking was done at a local studio called “Redroom” studios and was produced by Mladen Alexander, with help from myself and Josh Maitland. It is meant to be a summer party song where everyone can have a good time and just let their hair down. I write a variety of material as my previous releases show. I want to write whatever I want and be enigmatic and unpredictable. I try to write catchy songs with meaningful lyrics.”

Where have you been playing live music and planning to play this upcoming month?

“I have not been playing much live due to Covid, but have been writing a large number of original songs. Currently in the process of rehearsing with a new band and hope to start playing later in the year.”

What do you like most about your music career? 

“I love writing music and especially writing material that tells a story.  Music makes me feel good and I love connecting with an audience.”

Why did you choose a career in the music industry? What are your long-term goals?

“Music is in my soul and my blood. I will be writing music until the day I die. My long-term goal is to get my music out to as many people as possible and to continue to progress as a writer. I just want to put a smile on people's faces.”

What is one song that would describe the soundtrack of your life?

“I have to think about that one. Family and friends are the most important things in life to me. I’ve got a release coming out next year called “This Old House,” which is exactly about that so perhaps that’s the song.


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1 Comment

Scott Scott
Scott Scott
Aug 30, 2022

I was intrigued with your Scottish roots. After hearing Busch Party I’m ready to grab a 12 pack and join the party. Great Song,

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