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Fresh Finds: Occam’s Rose

Occam’s Rose is a duo based out of Denver that has been classically trained in their musical talents. The two met when they were both teaching at a high school. Anastasia and Peter perform around their hometown and do cover sets and incorporate their original music as well. They went on a short tour last year playing multiple venues in Texas, which is just as big of a music scene as Nashville, TN. Texas is known for red dirt, outlaw country music as well as having folk influences, perfect for the duo to bring their talents down there.

The duo, Anastasia and Peter, focus on writing stories over making something generic. The descriptive lyrics set the tone for their career and their fanbase. In their song “G.F.Y,” there are so many interesting timing shifts and instrumentation. You don’t know where the song is going from the start and that makes it exciting to listen to. Anastasia‘s voice is soulful with influences of folk and jazz. The duo has been playing around adding brass instruments as well. When I listened to this song alone, I thought that the music reminded me of Sublime. Her vocals and instruments alike are not heavily mixed where you can tell it’s not them. What you hear is what you get and it was exactly how they recorded it. Occam’s Rose music can be described as eclectic and alternative with foundations in classical and cinematic styles.

“We are currently working on a music video for our first single, Losing Sleep, which we hope will be released this summer,” Anastasia

For 2022, Anastasia and Peter would like to release a fully produced album. It would most likely be after summer as the duo needs to finish writing and tweaking some songs, as well as booking studio time. What many people who aren’t in the music industry might not understand is how long of a process getting an album completed can take. There’s writing, recording, mixing, and mastering to do. You have to hire instrumentalists if you’re not playing yourself and you have to work around a studio and the studio producer‘s time.

What’s admirable about Occam’s Rose is their determination and hyper-focus to push their careers. When sitting down to talk with the duo, they mentioned that even with their business and have full-time jobs, they make music their priority. Setting boundaries is important when in a band or a duo, as things can get overlooked. They will always set time during the week for rehearsals and writing sessions. The duo understands that the music industry is a full-time commitment and lifelong career. Anastasia and Peter are in the music business for the people and not just themselves. The duo wants to connect others to their music and make an impact.


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