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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

"It's not about your amazing life,

it's not about how great you are

I wanna go home to see my father,

away from pain, war and disease,

we're going to be free."

On Monday, I got the chance to sit down with John Ntibs, over Zoom, of course, to talk about his career as a songwriter. What I did not expect was the crazy and authentic journey he has been on in his entire life. Long before he was creating music in the studio and starting non-profit organizations, he and his family were fleeing war-torn Congo and placed into different refugee camps. The process to come to America took nine long years, but his family's faith in God made everything worth it. John and his family knew God would provide for them and put all their trust in a path they did not know. After nine long years, John made it to North Carolina where he and his family started their missionary work. Concerts were put on and admission was a pair of shoes. In one event, they gathered over 30,000 pairs of shoes that had been sent back home to rebuild the DR of Congo. Read more about the Ntibonera Foundation here:

His first song produced in Nashville, "Home," was a tribute to those still looking for their home and those who know where their home is eternal. His faith in God is inspiring and you can hear that in music and everything John does. The support he has from his family is overwhelming as well as the community around him. Moving to Nashville two years ago was not an easy decision, but John knew that this is where his path was leading him. Nashville City is the hub of songwriters and great studios, such as Omni Sound Studios located in heart of Nashville, TN. John worked with the great producers and writers at Omni Sound to put this passion project together.

John Ntibs knows how to perform to an audience of thousands and knows how powerful intimate shows can be. One of his goals is to have his music make an impact and I believe it already is. "Home," can be about anything. John wrote a powerful song with endless meanings and relatability. You can hear elements from his home and culture in the song. Reviews have been pouring in for his first single.

"Beautiful song, love the lyrics! Keep singing for the Lord!"

"My daily anthem now !! Bless you brother 🙏🏾🙏🏾"

"Awesome song brother 🙏🏼"

You're going to want to listen to this.

Links to "Home"

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