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Mikki Zip: Road to Artistry

What would you think if I told you that the person I interviewed sounded like if Britney Spears was country?

Mikki Zip can always remember herself being a performer. Performing in front of her family turned into getting her degree in performing arts and becoming a Nashville songwriter, actress, and model. She studied in both LA and NYC, and at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). Whether she's singing musical theater or Belcourt Taps, Mikki Zip is a powerhouse.

“Cinderella‘s Kickin’ Off Her Shoes,” was written in quarantine and is about getting out on the town and enjoying time with friends. When listening to the song, you want to do just that. The music video for the song is a collection of videos of Mikki and her friends on her birthday having the time of their lives. It’s great to see songwriters and artists have support systems like this. Where would we be as artists without our family and friends? Community is key to being a songwriter in the industry. It can be cut-throat out there.

Something Zip and I talked about were groups such as Nashville Tour Stop that reach out to writers and get them into songwriter rounds. Nashville Tour Stop can be seen at Alley/Belcourt/Cabana Taps. Both Mikki and I have played rounds and been brought out there by Aaron, founder of Nashville Tour Stop. People like Aaron have to work hard in the music industry, and that means holding many job titles. You might find most songwriters at their part-time jobs or working with a lot of other creatives.

“Haunted Memory,” is also another hit Mikki Zip has written.

“Are you taking your time to finally leave my mind?”

“Haunted Memory” can take you back to any relationship you felt stuck in that you still can’t forget. The writing is fantastic and the instrumentation balances out the track. Oh, and the best part? She is not just a songwriter, she recorded her songs as well. Mikki worked on these two songs with produced Ryan Prewett and featured guitarist - Chris Condon.

What's important to me about a song is if you can start singing it within the second chorus. You all know songs like, "Tennessee Whiskey," and "The House That Built Me." Classic country songs that you might know every word of. Zip's songs have that. The importance of connecting songwriters more in the industry is to spread the word of the importance of lyric writing. You could have a kicking song that no one can relate to lyrically or even want to sing back.

Mikki Zip is not one of those writers. Her passion for music is evident and she just wants to create for others, not herself or for the fame. She knows what you want to hear and I think you should give it a chance. Links to her music and website are attached below.


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