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Songwriter Spotlight: Al David


This week, we're talking about songwriter and musician Al David. Based out of Nashville and was born and raised in California. Like many Californians, Al David made the journey to Tennessee and has already been here for a year and a half. What was challenging was moving to Music City during the pandemic and navigating his way around co-writes and the music scene. Even with COVID, there have been many more opportunities in Nashville than in California, there were no regrets in the move.

Al David's main inspiration for country music was growing up at home listening to his mom singing it on his way to school whenever she could. If they were in the car, she was listening and singing to Martina McBryde.

While in Nashville, Al David met his producer and they work together to create music and write songs. Al David would rather work with a producer than be one himself and that's great. He gets to focus on his artistry and his songwriting while building connections with people in town and working with his producer. He just wants to play music for people and grow as a musician and writer. A solid group of friends is the most important thing for Al David, as they are your biggest support group for your future projects and endeavors. They're also going to be the most honest with you.

Al David has another job to support the dream job, but he's playing live music at least once a week every month. It's important as an artist, musician, or even just a writer to get your music out to an audience and see different reactions.

Al David's music sounds like Thomas Rhett meets Kane Brown. If you listen to his 2020 release Bad, you're going to want to line dance to this song, I promise you. It's smooth and easy to listen to. His single Back of My Mind is scheduled to be released on January 28 of this year and it's a good one. Back of My Mind was inspired by following his dream but losing a great love. How you never want to think it's over, but you need to live in the moment. Written by Spencer L'Roy and produced by Jason Haag, Back of My Mind will be a modern Nashville hit.

This industry is hard work, especially being so new to town, but Al David is putting in the work and time he needs to make it. He understands the business side as well as the writing side of being an artist and what it takes. When you listen to his music, especially his latest single, you'll hear someone's story, a genuine story. You know Al David is not trying to be someone else.

Make sure you pre-save Back of My Mind with the link below and keep up on Al David's journey! You can request songs at his shows through his Venmo account @AlDavidMusic and have Back of My Mind added to your library with this link below. Being a songwriter and a musician is always rewarding when you get to connect and reach your audience, Al David always strikes a chord with his listeners.


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