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Songwriter Spotlight: Siena

“I like the community that Nashville has to offer. Everyone is chasing the same dream, and people get jealous and doubt others. I've learned to walk it out and focus on what makes me happy and what makes my listeners happy," Siena

Nashville-based neon cowgirl and artist Siena is our featured spotlight this week, and she is making waves in this industry. Siena is diving deeper into her country roots to bring her fans music more that sounds like 2000s country. From a young age, she figured out quickly that music was for her, and Siena was hooked. She is always ready to put in the hard work to get the best song out there. You could say that her influences and music sound like a mix of Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride, with a hint of Fleetwood Mac. She describes it as, a "drifter, dreamer country, but with a fun country side."

Don Miggs, co-writer on this song, brought out the best writing from Siena and wrote, "Sass," in under thirty minutes. This is just one of the songs that came naturally for both of them. Girls are fun and like to give whit back to the guys sometimes, and Siena wanted to write a song about that. Don Miggs, who writes and produces with Siena, has helped bring this project to life. This is a song that you want to crank up on the radio and jam to with your favorite people on a Girls Night Out.

"You cannot be established without your background, and I'm grateful for all my experiences. I know the field I'm in is challenging, but as long as I'm making good music and making people happy, I'm doing my job," Siena

Siena's expertise in roping, hunting, rodeo competitions, and welding her horseshoes contributes to her writing classic country music. When she first moved to Tennessee, she was training horses while making music for her career. Lines like, "Dancing on the bar tonight, swinging from the neon lights, drinks are going down just right," puts you in a honky tonk mood. The production behind the song is a perfect mix between Siena's vocals and instrumentation. Right from the opening guitar solo, Siena makes good on her word by telling us she's bringing back that older style of country music. Siena told us, "I just want my listeners and audience to hear my music and see how I live through my music. I try to be transparent with listeners, publicists, and labels. There’s nothing to hide."

Keep up with Siena here:

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