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Songwriter Spotlight: Ash Taylor

Last week, I was able to sit down with Ash Taylor and talk about all things music and her career. What‘s fascinating about Ash is that she’s well-versed in audio production, the music business, and songwriting. What you see is what you get, Ash Taylor is authentic and never hides who she is or what she creates. Ash is a talented songwriter you want to know and connect with. She has extensive education in Audio Engineering and interned for a few studios in LA. Ash had been presented an opportunity by Clay Mills to move to Nashville, TN, and shadow him in his studio. That’s all Ash needed to make the journey.

"She says, “I sold everything I owned. I had never been to Nashville, but I got on a plane anyways and moved out here. I slept in my car, at a bunch of people's couches. I learned how the industry works and I learned so much from him (Clay)"

Clay Mills, a hit songwriter with songs by Diamond Rio and Darius Rucker, took Ash under his guidance and took a chance on her. That’s what the music industry is about: finding the future to carry on the traditions of the past. He worked with Ash on not only her production skills but her songwriting as well. Ash took the biggest step when she sold everything she owned to make the move to Tennessee. That’s how much her heart is in her career. Ash Taylor isn’t doing this for the money or the potential fame. Ash loves creating music and connecting with people.

Ash decided to try out the musician life, playing on Broadway any night that she could. She played a sold-out show at the Bluebird Cafe before the pandemic struck this town. She isn’t limiting herself as an artist. If someone needs help co-producing a song, Ash offers her help. If someone else needs to finish writing a song and is stuck, Ash is there. In the music industry, it’s important to have diverse skills and be able to offer your creative help as often as you can.

“I went to audio school, Bakersfield School of RecordMing, and went to San Francisco’s Women's Audio Mission working at various studios in LA . I started driving down Music Row one time and didn't realize it because it was just a bunch of old houses. I love the history of Music Row and the town of Nashville”

Ash Taylor comes from the home of music legend Merle Haggard in California, where her music roots had been grown. She describes where she grew up a “musical farm town.” Sixth months after jobs and internships in California, she decided it was time to pack her bags and make the move for Tennessee. While producing and audio engineering led her down a great path meeting great creators, songwriting was where her heart truly lied. Ash tells her “Bad Ashes,” not to limit yourself. This career is hard work and always will be.

“I don’t make music for the industry, I make music for my fans,” Ash Taylor


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