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Songwriter Spotlight: Autumn Marie

“I‘m all about specializing, its hard to be the best at everything, your brain has to work in different ways as an artist and as a writer,” Autumn Marie

Host of Another Songwriting Retreat and having almost sixty cuts with artists, Autumn is the pure definition of a songwriter. Many artists and creatives in this industry want to be both artists and writers, but Autumn dedicates her passion and talent to specifically being a writer. She co-writes as much as she can throughout the week and makes music her full-time job. As of now, Autumn mentioned to me she averages around 380 songs written a year. To keep up her writing skills, she also works with websites that write personalized songs for customers.

Talking about Another Songwriting Retreat, she said this:

“There’s nothing for you to hide behind, people end up chilling, and if they don’t you find out if they are a fun, good person or are not. You’ve seen them drunk, hungover, and sober. There’s no room for attitude or ego, it doesn't matter who you are signed to or who you were writing with before, it does more with your personality and talent.”

As a songwriting graduate from Belmont University, she learned early on the importance of co-writing and the business side of the music industry as well. Autumn was president of the Copyright Club at Belmont and continued to grow her connections. She stays more on the writing side, rather than production and artistry. She can make a work tape from home and that’s all she needs to do.

HOW IMPORTANT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? Autumn Marie says, "When I'm drunk, I'm on TikTok.

I think people who fight innovation are people whose careers die with the tides. Find a way to make social media relatable to you and develop a great fanbase." Some people think they are better than connecting with fans and don't have it in themselves to post a TikTok of you mouthing along to their own song.

Autumn Marie only writes for other people and does not consider herself an artist. She likes to dedicate everything she has to one specialty: songwriting. Autumn does not hide behind a front and what you see is what you get. She is genuine and honest, not just as a writer but as a person. We discussed how in Nashville and as an artist, the biggest issues with this industry are artists are focusing too much on the song. "Nobody is going to hear your damn song if you're not promoting it, making content, and marketing yourself," Autumn Marie. Being a writer, she mentioned that it is hard to work with artists sometimes. They should be writing the single in three hours and then spend hundreds of hours in distribution. You just know when an artist is giving their all behind a project.



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