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Songwriter Spotlight: Brenda Cay

"He's the one I want to talk about nothing with, all night long, don't matter where we are as long as I'm with him," Talk About Nothing by Brenda Cay

I had the opportunity to talk with artist and songwriter Brenda Cay about her career and current path. Brenda has just released her single, "Talk About Nothing," recorded at Arch Audio with Ethen Martin engineering. Brenda joined the team not just as the songwriter, but in production as well. Being a writer and an artist, you must know enough to get you by in the studio so you can get the final product you want.

Brenda Cay is a country artist also influenced by pop and a little R&B. She tells her listeners that she's got a sound just like Sara Evans. Talk About Nothing is an easy listening song that would be great to add to any coffeehouse station. It almost feels like she's talking with you. Brenda Cay has always had musical experience, in high school she played the flute and picked up the guitar later in life. While COVID has tried to tear the music industry apart, artists like Brenda have been more creative with their social media and performing on live streams for their audience.

Talk About Nothing came to life when Brenda and her husband were just having a little day-to-day conversation, nothing too wild, but just enough. She could talk about nothing with her husband all day if she could because that's how deep the love goes. They don't need to keep up appearances and pretend they have the most interesting conversations. Cay and her husband have that relationship where nothing gets better than just being with each other. As a songwriter, she put her thoughts into words, her words into lyrics, and then her lyrics into the song. Writing is not a technical process all the time where you have to sit down and write the melody first and then lyrics and crank out a song in ten minutes. Songwriting is a creative process that takes time, sometimes months, maybe years to perfect your craft.

Talk About Nothing’s production is great as well. It sounds very clean and well structured. With the proper set up and the right team behind you, anyone can have a home studio or recording studio to push out a single or album like this. That is something we can’t stress enough here at Pick Simply, having a team of people with you that will be honest until you’re the best version of yourself. You can tell with Brenda’s music that there has been re-writing and re-structuring to get it to what it is. My favorite song from Brenda personally is Drunk on Country Songs. It has your classic elements of a cool, classic country song, almost reminds me of an old Loretta Lynn piece. Brenda’s voice is smooth and subtle, not over powering to the listener or trying to be something that she‘s not. Cay knows her strengths and stays with what she knows and what her fans would like best. That’s important in country music industry today, knowing your audience and writing for them, and not for yourself.

Brenda Cay's music can be found on Americana and Trop Rock stations, whether you're listening on Pandora or Spotify. Streaming seems to be sticking around and downloading is a thing of the past. Still with this in mind, Brenda Cay having over 1.9 million streams is nothing to downplay. With over 17,000 listeners on Spotify, it shows that Cay has a solid fan base and knows how to keep it.

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Scott Scott
Scott Scott
Mar 13, 2022

Same drink different bar. True!

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