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Songwriter Spotlight: Brianna Bollinger

Brianna Bollinger, almost twenty-two now, is full of creativity, passion and positivity in the music industry. She considers herself to be a, “baby seedling,” as she recently started songwriting and shifting gears towards an artist career.

"At eighteen, I started going to community college and took songwriting classes. My writing after that improved a lot. The more you write, the better you get," Brianna Bollinger

Why did Brianna choose Bobby's Idle Hour for her release show?

"It was an easy choice. They gave me a night to book serval months ago. I turned it into a release party. I absolutely love the venue because it has the Belcourt taps vibes on Music Row. It's a hole in the wall and you feel pretty close to the songwriters."

Brianna has always been a creative person. She's been throwing herself into her work by also playing guitar for other artists at shows all over Nashville, wherever the gig takes her. There are many great musicians and songwriters in this town which can be intimidating for anyone starting off their career. Brianna recognizes talent and knows that the more you learn, you find that your spark for your passion will never dull. "I am always on a quest to be the best version of myself," Brianna Bollinger.

What can you expect from her latest single, Montana? Brianna told us,

"It's very much punk-pop rock. It's not rock in an 80s hair metal sense but has the spice of pop and classic rock. "Montana" is Tate McCrae inspired as I love bopping along to all her music. I like having songs that are fun to play on a guitar with my solos you can roll the windows down and jam to it. I wanted to make a fun catchy song."

She thought of the hook for her latest single on the way home from a show at The Basement one night. Brianna pulled out her "hook book," and wrote down a few lines she could work on when she got home. She brought her ideas to her producer, Ryan Lau, at his home studio. After a few sessions, they were rolling with Montana and getting ready for Brianna to plan a release day. At some point, she plans on recording a few more singles and creating an EP. As an independent artist, she understands how crucial it is to have a solid and authentic fanbase. Bollinger believes that everything takes time. You can be stressed but you have to see the greater picture and know how to take care of yourself. Independent artists usually are their managers and promoters, it can get overwhelming. For Brianna? She's ready for any challenge that gets thrown at her in the music industry.


Watch Montana Live:


Current upcoming shows:
Full band show - Bobby’s idle hour 8-9 PM
Pindrop Songwriter Series at Cabana taps on September 11
January 15 - Sunday Songwriters night at the Bluebird

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1 Comment

Scott Scott
Scott Scott
Aug 30, 2022

I enjoyed your release party and saw you perform Montana live. I liked it and added it to my Spotify playlist the next day! I like your punk-pop groove and your guitar playing too. Rock on.

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