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Songwriter Spotlight: Chad William

"The best approach is building out your brand and showing what you're doing is garnering attention," Chad William

Based in Atlanta right now, Chad William is building his career as a songwriter, producer, and artist. I say producer because his recent EP release, Polaroid, was all written, recorded, and mixed by himself. Right now, his career dictates location. If the opportunity arises in Music City to pursue songwriting and artistry, Chad is willing to make that move in a heartbeat.

Since the world shut down last year and is only recently opening back up, there’s been a bag log of performers and artists trying to book shows and live performances. While Nashville seemed to open up pretty quickly, most other places are taking baby steps to open. Since it is very difficult to get plugged into shows, he’s been working his side job in accounting and picking up contracts. Having a full-time job, it is difficult to pursue music full time, but he is playing and writing as much as he can. Before COVID-19, Chad William was gearing up and getting ready to hit the road. He was thinking about getting a band together and playing out as much as possible. However, he is saving money right now and working on his songwriting, writing dozens and dozens of songs in his spare time.

"What has propelled me forward, was the trap a lot of people fall in, especially creatively, takes effort. You’re starting a business, you are the product. When ___ happens, then I can do ____. Then three years go by. What can I do today that will help me tomorrow." Chad has not set himself back. He is pursuing his dreams full speed ahead. Working in Logic Pro has made studio time convenient for him since he does everything at home. Home studios are the new path I am finding lots of musicians and songwriters are taking. If you can record and produce your own single or EP, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Polaroid, his EP, was written and recorded in his basement studio using Logic Pro. Guitar and vocals, also done by Chad. He wanted to keep these songs simple but still added some leads on them as well. When you have six songs to work on, it makes it easier than a full-length album, however, Chad sees no problems working on an album for next year. What're another six songs? If you do the best you can in a take before you touch Logic Pro, you can get a very decent baseline to work with and mix. "Doing Polaroid Myself and Rebranding Myself was the most rewarding. Learning how to do Logic and everything I needed."

Releasing music constantly and consistently this year is also very important for Chad. He considers himself to be an artist first, but also a songwriter and producer. Being from Atlanta and trying to build a network, Chad William said, “The days of agencies, talent managers, record companies finding unknown talent and cultivate it, is not how it works anymore." I find this statement to be very true. You have to prove that you are already successful and marketable. Every writer would love a publishing deal for consistent income.

Some of the Polaroid songs were older, some were newly written. "Interstate Signs," and "Polaroid, "were songs written within the last five years. They were workshopped at NSAI with their song critiques and feedback. Chad took the suggestions and ran with them. "Interstate Signs," was written in ten minutes. Some musicians he would workshop it to would be confused by the rhyme scheme, so he went back to re-work it to make it rhyme. An NSAI Mentor said that no one knows who you are, so they might not know if you can rhyme or not. Once you're established, then you can not rhyme and get unique. It made the song better, he felt like the song was ready to be released.


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Scott Scott
Scott Scott
Jun 23, 2021

Keep optimistic 🤘🏻

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