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Songwriter Spotlight: Chloe Collins


Chloe Collins is currently an independent songwriter and artist based in Nashville, TN. When I say songwriter, I’m talking about major song placements in shows like Heartland and Nashville on ABC. What really kickstarted her fast paced career, however, was the push behind her #TikToks. Collins had no problems cold calling and reaching out to music supervisors until something clicked and people took a chance on her and her music. It would be a cold opening as simple as, “I think my song would be great on your show!” Chloe also mentioned to us that the worst thing people can say is no or just not open a LinkedIn message, so WHY NOT?

With almost 100,000 followers on #TikTok, Chloe has been cultivating a unique following and audience with her music. What she posts on her #TikTok are songs she’s written inspired by the television show, “Criminal Minds.” Right now, one of her songs she wrote about two characters on the show, has been climbing the Music Row charts. Her music paints you a story you will most likely never forget. She’s sweet yet haunting with her lyrics and her amazing vocals are effortless.

Those who are against #TikTok and social media might never experience building a unique fan base such as Chloe Collins. Because of social media and her aggressive marketing tactics, she has made herself into a successful business woman and artist. We can’t walk into a record company or publishing company anymore and hand them a CD of a few songs to pitch. Most companies look at independent artists and songwriters who they see potential in and who else sees potential in that artist.

Being a full time student and artist might seem like a lot of leg work, and it is. Chloe Collins puts 100% into everything she does and she does not cut corners. Collins has been playing some live rounds here in Nashville as well as working on pushing her music to sync and television deals. All the while going to classes and doing homework. Her entire marketing and management team is just her right now, and I think that‘s perfectly fine. No one should be hiring a manager or paying a team without having a steady source of income first. If you can do everything yourself without getting overwhelmed, you don’t need to pay someone else’s yet to do that for you. Chloe is in full control of her videos, music and content. She connects with fans during live streams as well as responding to their comments and messages over social media.

Chloe Collins is being intentional with her music, her career and how she interacts with fans. This is why she has a fan base that will always keep coming back to her page. She’s authentic and in general a NICE person. Now I know that doesn’t sound descriptive, but I believe that being a nice person in this industry can be hard to come by. Chloe is not in a personal pursuit to further herself and crushing anyone in her way. She is caring with the people she interacts with and does not put herself on a high pedestal, even with her monumental accomplishments.




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Scott Scott
Scott Scott
Mar 23, 2022

I enjoyed Red Looks Good On Me. It’s as if a highly caffeinated Billie Eilish collided with a Latin Beat. 😎

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