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Songwriter Spotlight: Dawson Cole

Based out of Kentucky, Dawson Cole is a twenty-one-year-old artist that has been going all in for a career in the music industry. He started playing music when he was fifteen. His grandmother was in a gospel band and that was his inspiration. Dawson loved everything about singing but didn't start pursuing it or thought of it as a career until he was sixteen. Will Rambeaux, Songwriter, Producer, and A&R, as well as Sherrie Austin, has been working closely with Dawson on his career and sitting down with him during co-writes. His music is a mix of country and indie/alternative. It's not mainstream, but you would still hear this style of music on the radio.

Most of what Dawson Cole does is in Nashville, whether it's writing, performing at writer's rounds, or working with Go Long Entertainment on his artist development. "I mainly co-write with a few people and we're just working on my writing and perfecting that. Right now, we're kind of building an EP and getting as much product as we can get," Dawson Cole.

"I like connecting with people. Even just from my previous EP, I got so much feedback from strangers. It's cool how music affects people and how they view it, where they're from. I'm just glad they kept in touch from my first release."

What was the process for his first EP?

Dawson Cole told us that when he was eighteen, he was completely blind in the business. However, he was working on his music when he was seventeen and perfecting it. Dawson took his songs to a producer, looked over them, and got someone to write the music for it. They schedule everything, and the producer and Dawson sit down and knock them out one by one. "It’s interesting how they come to life, they take a demo and make it into a masterpiece," Dawson Cole.

The Goal?

To end up in Nashville, Tennessee pursuing music full-time. Most artists have side jobs to help them get to where they want to go. Of course, the dream is to leave that behind and dedicate your life to music. Dawson Cole will eventually put together a full band and travel with them. He knows the hard work that goes into this industry and is putting in the work.

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