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Songwriter Spotlight: Emily Noel

Emily Noel is a spunky, first-class talented songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from Pennsylvania, Emily decided to pack up her life and move down to Nashville in 2020, though it was the height of COVID-19. Unlike many artists, Emily Noel did not slow down or put anything on hold. Her classic pop-country/rock sound is exactly why she was nominated for six Josie Music Awards and five Leigh Valley Music Awards.

Playing shows all over Music City has expanded her portfolio of cover songs and helped her gain inspiration for future releases she has planned out. When you see Emily Noel live, you’re watching a woman pursue music with everything she’s got. She’s been such a powerhouse, that she’s opening for Colt Ford on July 10th. While Emily Noel is an independent artist, she’s also playing around town with her band to support her. There’s something about full-band shows that showcases someone’s pure talent. Noel is a professional when it comes to playing with a full band and said it's what she loves to do best.

I’ll Make You Proud, I’ll Be Your Hometown Hero

Her band consists of Drew Sanderson on guitar and vocals, Reid Clagett on bass, and Cash Turner on the drums. Getting a solid band together can already be a difficult process, but Emily said that everyone’s passion to make the dream come alive is what pushes them forward. Scheduling a band is always complicated and life events can get in the way of rehearsals or shows. Everyone’s commitment, however, is why Emily Noel is constantly booking shows. Venues and management can see how active bands are on social media, how often they play live, and how much of a crowd they bring. With a band like Emily backing her up, I’m sure we’ll have more updates to make when she books more live shows.

Noel’s latest release, Smoke & Mirrors will remind you of a classic Miranda Lambert and LeAnn Rimes song. You get introduced to a smooth guitar intro and some light drums that build you up for the verses. Many artists focus on melody writing or top-line writing, but when I sat down with Emily, she mentioned that it’s what she’s “feeling in the moment.” You never know if you’re going to write a song that day, and when you do, it’s best not to lock yourself in a box and focus on one thing at a time. By doing so, you can set the creative process back quite a bit.

The production quality of Emily Noel’s music is top-notch. You can tell how smooth the mix and the master turned out. You can also hear Emily’s bright and reverberant vocals throughout Hometown Hero and Smoke & Mirrors. There’s no heavy auto-tune or production on the vocals. You get to hear Emily’s authentic voice in every song she sings. With Smoke & Mirrors clocking in at 3:15, that makes it a perfect song for radio submissions and plays. There’s a classic country song structure of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus. When writing modern country music, it’s important to add elements like an electric guitar solo or drum breakdown. You’ll hear those elements in Smoke & Mirrors.

Upcoming Show: Siren Songs on Tin Roof Broadway June 22, 2022

Upcoming Release: This is My Year, July/TBD



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