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Songwriter Spotlight: Jackie Therrien

Updated: May 10, 2021

“Oh I was young then,

and honey I still am”

-Love Letters

I had the opportunity to sit down over Zoom with Jackie Therrien: a seventeen singer-songwriter based in the United States. While only seventeen, she has dreams to pursue music and artistry.

Jackie isn’t just a writer, she is a producer/audio engineer. While coronavirus has slowed down some, it hasn’t slowed down Jackie. She has been learning and working in Logic Pro: a digital audio workstation where she works on her projects. She is the writer, composer, and engineer behind her craft. Jackie has been doing Instagram live shows and posting YouTube covers and originals constantly to keep up during these changing times in the music industry.

Being seventeen, in my opinion, doesn’t set Jackie back from any opportunities. The experience she has and will be getting is priceless. She has fresh ideas and interesting songwriting patterns that make her different. She’s writing for her audience, not for herself specifically. Jackie prefers to write music that can relate to everyone.

Her debut album, Love Letters, has also hit over 10,000 streams on Spotify and I can see why. Jackie’s voice is smooth, mature, and sometimes haunting. She describes her music to be indie and pop, and you definitely hear that in the album.

If you take a look at the pictures below, you will see that she is not doing music as a hobby. We talked more about how it is to be a woman in the audio community as well and it’s pretty normal! She’s still learning, but aren’t we all? Jackie started in GarageBand and made her way up to Logic Pro, as have I. There are so many resources out there for everyone to learn about these digital audio workstations.

Her song, “April,” will be out May 7, 2021, on all streaming platforms. For being a young songwriter, her voice holds the wisdom and power of a young Joni Mitchell. This is a songwriter you need to keep up with today.

Instagram: @jackietherrien

Spotify: @ Jackie Therrien


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