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Songwriter Spotlight: Jarrett Messick

Jarrett Messick has been singing forever, ever since he could talk, really. His parents got him started with voice lessons when he was seven. Jarrett's sister had an old keyboard she never played, so, when he was ten Jarrett started messing around and teaching himself how to play chords first. Then at seventeen, he used his birthday money to buy a bass guitar.

"I had no friends that played the bass, so I wanted that to be my thing. I didn’t write songs until after college and everyone at Belmont was so good. I didn't think the 'music thing' was for me. I was going to stay on the industry side of it. My roommate played at the Commodore Grille, and I was like maybe I should give it a shot."

Process for "Borrowed Time":

"I used the same guy for Drown Your Memory for Borrowed Time. My producer does it all. I didn’t do anything but sing. We programmed the drums. I brought a bass line to my producer and we were in the studio cutting a rough. We got into the studio again and worked through the song. Zach is my go to guy. He’s so good at what he does."

Right now, Jarret is laying low and hasn't started on anything new yet. Music, however, is always in the works. He knows what song he's recording next and has gotten good feedback from writer's rounds and friends. It's going to be on the funnier side and can be a summer song. Making music is expensive and a lot of people don't see that side of the industry. Music doesn't happen overnight with no costs. There's production, musicians, mixing and mastering that has to be done.

Jarrett Messick hosts, The Rounds in "The Pond," located in Franklin, TN. He doesn't have any big shows yet, but will continue to do writers nights and host his nights at The Pond. Working a full-time job is difficult with a music career and Jarrett is keeping up with both. Having graduated from Belmont in 2018, an education like that teaches you how to balance your careers and your passions. Right now for Jarrett, it’s all about connecting and hearing other songwriters.

How Would You Describe Your Music:

"Whenever I describe it to people, I give examples of who I think it sounds like: Sam Hunt or Cole Swindell. There are elements of pop-country and R&B (when it comes to the beats).

Borrowed Time is in the opposite direction. I was going for more of a Texas country/red dirt feeling. I put it with Whiskey Myers or Chris Stapleton."

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1 Comment

Scott Scott
Scott Scott
Oct 20, 2022

I’ve been to The Rounds at The Pond before. Some great local talent for sure. Keep up the good work.

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