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Songwriter Spotlight: John Eason

John, Eason, story teller, Air Force veteran and jewelry maker, stopped by the studio to talk with us about his career as a songwriter and as an artist here in Nashville, Tennessee. Brought up on country and gospel music, John Eason is now incorporating southern rock elements into his style today. John Eason's music is raw and real, especially in his latest release, "All Fall Down."

"All Fall Down," was written about the rising opioid crisis in John's hometown. He writes about people looking the other way as a town is taken over by heroin, until the drug hits close to home. John Eason has been writing with great writers like Hal O'Dell and Zach Henard. While they co-write around town with a lot of other people, what the three have is a bond that's inseparable. Hal and Zach talked to me about how proud they are to write with someone and know someone like John Eason. Eason has never put anything less than 100% into what he does. Music is his full time, there is no plan B. He makes custom jewelry on the side to keep mind occupied and his hands busy, but that also correlates with his southern brand.

"Decide what you want your sound to be," Zach Henard

While writing with Hal and Zach, it's not always just getting right down to business. It's nurturing the bond between them over drinks or at someone's house just hanging out. Some writes, you need to be intentional and talk about why they all meet up. Are they writing a song with John for another artist, or are they writing a song with John so he can release it as the main artist. The more you get to know someone, the easier it gets to write with them. That's why you can get a clear picture in your head of the stories that John sings about. There's no time to lie or hold anything back when you're writing together. Honesty and clarity is how you push the best songs forward.

John Eason went full steam ahead even during the pandemic. He worked on his skills as a writer and still connected with anyone who could. There is no career over this one that John Eason would choose. If he went back in time, he would still serve our country and he would still pursue his career in the music industry. The sacrifices he has made don't go unnoticed by anyone in his life.

Music has been healing John for as long as he can remember and that's what he hopes to do for others, even if it's just making a difference in one person's life. Traveling on the road and playing at venues that don't pay much may seem like it gives someone ample opportunity to give up. There were times he would play a show out of state, and agree to play another show the next day in a state over. Nothing says roadtripping like sleeping in your pickup truck almost freezing to death. Yet, once again, John Eason would not choose anything else.

"I'm not going to say some nights aren't hard, traveling through states all night to get where I need to go. But the views when I wake up, the sunrises, I remember why I'm doing what I love and I'm thankful," John Eason.

Some shows he plays pay as much to just put gas in the tank to get home. The authentic fan base he's building though has gotten him through the worst of the worst. A few venues that Eason has played at made him feel like he was home. In this industry, the connections you build keep you going, and John Eason is never stopping.



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