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Songwriter Spotlight: Kiersten Blue

Kiersten Blue is an indie/pop songwriter from New Jersey and has been on this path for over a year now. This is probably one of the most artistic songwriters based out of New Jersey right now as she's also a unique swimsuit designer, not just a songwriter. Her music and her career in fashion correlate. With COVID-19 and the government taking over everything and shutting down in-person work and activities, Kiersten had found her love for writing and music, and we know this because she's written over 140 songs during 2021.

Now, Kiersten didn't just pick up a guitar and write songs just for fun. She took classes in production and writing and has been honing in on these skills. Her first release, "Fate or Coincidence," has been out now on all platforms and showcases her writing in particular. It is always important to have a good production team behind you, and that's what she found at Lakehouse Recording Studio. Her producer and guitarist helped bring this song together. As a writer and as an artist, having connections in the entire business can help you, not only achieve your goal but to grow as a community as well. What’s important to note is that a producers job is never just recording a song. Kiersten’s producer was the bassist, drummer and audio engineer. In an industry like this, people with more than one skill/talent are more desirable to hire because they can do many parts as one person and save on costs, time, energy and space.

Her song "Fate or Coincidence," is a great homage to indie music today. "Stranger or future friend, a passerby on a workday, is it fate or coincidence?" What was interesting finding out in the interview is that Blue wrote this piece at Asbury Park, watching the people go by. She’s used to seeing strangers pass her by on her two-hour train rides to work. She told me she's always writing lyrics and always inspired by her surroundings. Writing lyrics always comes naturally to Blue and she enjoys those train rides because she is doing what she loves. Being in a big city like that I can understand that.

The production is pretty simple with a drum track, electric/acoustic guitars, bass and vocals. However, her vocals are haunting throughout the entire song. Her harmonies and stacked vocals layer throughout the tracks to fill in the gaps. Blue has been working on her guitar skills any day and time she can and you can hear a great guitar track layered through the song. You can tell this song is based on her personal experience after knowing her life and where her career takes her, meeting new and interesting people at every stop. While I talked with her, she also mentioned it's important to note that she's been writing new music that will relate to her audience, not just off of personal experiences. She wants to create a new and unique experiences for her listeners each time.

Even though this new year has snuck up on all of us, Kiersten Blue is planning on continuing her career as an artist. Blue will have a few releases coming up this year so I will be attaching all of her links below.


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Scott Scott
Scott Scott
13 mar 2022

I like fate more than coincidence. Film noir feel. 😎

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