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Songwriter Spotlight: Lia Knapp

Lia Knapp has been based in Nashville since 2016 and we can't blame her for wanting to move to Music City. She grew up in the New York suburbs and has been exposed to music for as long as she can remember. Knapp began to play music when she was three years old, beginning with classical violin and piano. There was a time in her life where she also studied opera in college, as well as classical composing and production. She is a full time musician and part-time bartender. In this city, you get out what you put in and Knapp is putting in the work. It's not hard making a life for yourself as a musician, even in Nashville.

How would Lia Knapp describe her music to you?

"Cyber punk rock, dark cinematic pop rock, with little pop rock bits."

I tried to do other things besides music and kept it on the down low. Music came out anyways and I found ways to do music regardless. My training is classical, but I love electronic music so much," Lia Knapp

Lia Knapp knows the importance of connecting with people as well as co-writing. You get to put words to each other's experiences when some might not feel comfortable sharing in the first place. You get to sit in a room or over Zoom with someone you never met and come out with a song.

"What I Want," was a process of finding the right producer for Lia so the music would come out the right way for her as an artist. Knapp finally found the right producer and then sent them her demos. After that, she's always included in the sessions and makes sure the single is produced how she wants it. There are some producers out there that hear a rough demo and can turn your song into a masterpiece. Writing and recording with others is important for a successful release because we're often our worst critics. A producer or co-writer will always be honest with you and always want the best for a release.

It's cool to hear a pop artist in Nashville and see their live performances. Lia is always doing rounds and booking shows when she can. Knapp also knows how to work social media and keep fans engaged. She is a powerhouse in the songwriting industry and lighting up the dark-pop music scene. Lia Knapp doesn't care about playing it safe, she just cares about people and the music.

Keep up with Lia Knapp Here:

Lia's next show is Housequake on September 19th

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