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Songwriter Spotlight: Lisa Marie

Thanks for coming back to another Songwriter Spotlight we have with Lisa Marie today. Originally from a small town in Illinois, she has been learning how to balance her full time career, motherhood and a music career. Like many of us do, she had a breaking point in her career where she remembered how music had always brought her home. Music had always brought her peace. During the pandemic, Lisa decided it was time for a career change. Lisa Marie had been in bands all throughout high school and kept with it, so it wasn’t something new to her.

“Music has always been in my life. Music will always be there for me,” Lisa Marie

Most people would describe her music as indie/country and I think it’s fitting because the indie genre can really cover everything and everyone who doesn’t fit in a box. Lisa Marie’s music is not like everyone that you hear on the radio today. Her roots, she said, are in Alycia Keys and Jessie James Decker. There’s a bluegrass and soulful element to Lisa’s music. It’s crucial for artists to be inspired by others so we can keep changing the music industry while expanding and creating new genres.

Balancing her home life with her music career has not been easy and she never claimed it was. While going to law school, she has managed to get with 3rd Lion Productions and work on her next few singles that she’ll be releasing this year. Lisa Marie has the knowledge and tools to work on her demos, but she chooses to go to a producer and work one on one with people to ensure the best takes for her music. Hopefully by the end of summer, she said she’ll have her singles pushed out and will get ready for an EP. EP, short for extended play, just means that it’s half an album. There’s usually 2-5 singles that make up an EP, anymore and you might as well call it an album.

In my opinion, EP’s and singles are much more beneficial and cost-friendly to independent artists who are just trying to start to get their music out there. After you release some music, you get a feel for your style, who you want to be and what you want to show people. Lisa Marie’s music connects with an audience in a way that independent artists should.

Lisa’s new single Cowgirl has some Luke Comb’s inspired instrumentation and lyrics that sound like Miranda Lambert sat down with her to write them. You can already tell the vocals are genuine with little to no auto-tune and tweaking, and Lisa doesn’t need it either. You get to experience an authentic artist sharing a story without anything getting in the way of that.


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