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Songwriter Spotlight: Lounna

"When I'm Home is a journey of being lost and trying to find your way home, all the while you are learning so many things about yourself that you never knew. A lot of the songs are very introspective, a handful are very personal, and most of them are meant to tell their own individual story. My favorite line from the entire album is "only you can give the validation you seek," which is the final line in "Pennies in the Fountain". I feel like that is something we all should know, but many of us don't realize," Lounna

Lounna started making music when she was 12 and bought her first guitar as well from Walmart with Christmas money. She didn’t know how to play anything yet so she wrote her songs. Lounna didn’t discover folk music until six years. It was around when she turned twenty that she started to discover her sound. She enjoys the songwriting part of her career more than performing, but she has been getting out more and booking a few shows at local cafes. There is always a little anxiety that comes with performing in front of new people that is hard to overcome.

Lounna just released her first album WHEN I'M HOME, and to spread the word, has been playing local shows to start the promotion. As an independent artist, there are so many hats we wear: manager, artist, designer, promoter, the list goes on and on. As of right now, Lounna is working on acoustic pieces to release hopefully in the winter. She's been doing her recordings and demos out of the program Studio One and finds it very easy to work around.

"It was an interesting process. My demo projects helped me prepare for the process. I decided to sit down and start recording. I took it one song at a time and started crunching down on producing the songs. I was able to get some people to collaborate with me. Everything took me six and a half months to create," Lounna

Her favorite thing is creating something and being able to share it with people. She dabbles in a lot of art and if Lounna is proud of it, she'll share it. Lounna's music is a gentle folk sound with banjo and synthetic percussion overlays. She makes sure that every song she releases reaches the right audience. We can't wait for the day that Lounna travels down to Nashville to keep sharing her talents with the music industry.


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