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Songwriter Spotlight: Tiona Campbell

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

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"Stay in your lane, it is so easy to get off track. The Christian-Country genre is going to blow up. People have been church hurt, and this is a way the message can out," Tiona Campbell

What I love most about the opportunities I have with this website is being able to interview people around the country. Last week, I had a phone call with singer-songwriter Tiona Campbell, who is currently based out of Texas. We were able to talk about her career and dedication to music as well as her newest single, Call My Dad.

Tiona Campbell grew up singing and currently lives in Houston, Texas. She was raised in a small town and "little bitty church." The natural thing to do in her life was to settle down, get married and have children. Her spirit felt led six years ago to start songwriting. Campbell started with vocal lessons, and the company also taught songwriting courses with basic song structures. She started to put out singles one by one. Tiona wanted to enter the Christian-Country genre, not red neck country, but encouragement based.

Campbell started making connections in Nashville and began to write with some seasoned writers in the industry. "I'm just starting to get my name out in Nashville. I love writing with people there. It's so cool that I don't live there! I have a healthy balance of Houston and Nashville and being inspired. I'm going to the Dove Awards this year and will hopefully be meeting some Christian industry connections," Tiona Campbell.

I think it is crucial to building connections in music industry hubs that are outside of Nashville. Texas, for example, has a fantastic music scene that is only drawing more people out there. Tiona and I talked about advice for upcoming songwriters and she said, "The biggest thing I would say is the networking and authentic connections I make are important. Getting on playlists helps your streams too. It just takes time! I’ve been doing for six years, it doesn’t happen overnight."

Tiona Campbell is a God-Driven songwriter who is using her gift for good. In this world, even in the past year, there has been an overwhelming amount of negativity. Campbell's music is shining a light for those who might be caught in the darkness. God told her six years ago to write a song, and that's what she has been chasing ever since. When you put God first in your life, you cannot go wrong. I loved hearing about her joy for the Lord and for music. She is not afraid to dive head first into her creativity and passions.

"When I grew up, my dad was the handyman. He just fixed everything around the house. Like most husbands, they say 'Give me a week or two,' and it never gets done. We just joke around like “Do I need to call my dad?” There's gotta be other girls that relate. It's a playful song, something we all need today," Tiona Campbell on her latest release, Call My Dad

Call My Dad Song Review:

The first thing I thought of almost immediately was how much the instrumentation brings me back to a Colbie Caillat song mixed with 2000s country. It's light, fun, and straightforward. It has great guitar licks and unique drum patterns. Lyrically, it is something every woman can relate to, no matter how perfect your relationship may be. Even if you can't call your dad, there's someone else you can always count on. This full-time mother, businesswoman, and songwriter really created something special for listeners. It is very clear that Tiona Campbell has not been burnt out yet, as she put it. Her lyrics are fresh and her music and instrumentation takes you back in time to an easy listening, country music station.

Call My Dad is in the ABABCB structure. The verses are short and the chorus is catchy. Call My Dad would be ready for radio releases, especially coffeehouse stations. The audio production sounds great on this track as well. Mixing and mastering tracks don't happen overnight and can be an extensive project, even for a single. Tiona Campbell has found the right team of people to help her bring her songs to life.

The Holy Spirit is leading her songwriting and musicianship and it shows. The Lord has been good and placed certain songwriters and producers in Tiona's life to help her with her craft. Being a follower of Christ means you understand that no one is perfect and no one knows everything. However, Tiona Campbell is committed to learning what she can from those above her in the music industry.

I like how transparent this song is. There's a leak and it needs to be fixed. The light in my car is blinking, how do I fix this? There are no underlying meanings or metaphors hidden in the song. It's all about wanting stuff to get done around the house and telling your significant other, "Well if you can't I know someone who can. Don't make me call my dad."


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