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Sunsets and Katie Fee

Katie Fee’s new single Sunsets and Fireworks releases TODAY. She swung by my studio this past week to talk about her life, career, and latest release. She even played it in the studio in the link I attached at the end of the article.

“Sunsets and Fireworks,” takes you back to the summer when you went out with your family and friends to a big Fourth of July event...and the fireworks with people you love. This song sounds like 2015 Taylor Swift. It’s a little bit of pop and a little bit of country. Katie’s soft vocals make this song intimate and the band backing her up brings it to life. "Sunsets and Fireworks," brings you summer nostalgia with 90s pop-country influence.

Growing up in South Dakota, Katie Fee knew that she would be coming to Nashville. Like many others, the draw of Music City was undeniable. With the support of her family and friends, she made the exciting move to Nashville, TN to go to Belmont University. Her passion for music helped her with her music business and classes in audio engineering. Belmont University has some cool organizations like Belmont University Songwriters Association, or BUSA, for short. Katie performed at many rounds on and off-campus during her time as a student and got to know some great people: like her co-writer Sammy Kay.

Katie Fee is a graphic designer, songwriter, and artist. Like most songwriters, she has her side hustles like being a transcriptionist. What was the most interesting thing to talk to Katie about was how she wears all the hats right now with running her music. She does marketing, management, press releases, and strategically plans for each release of hers. For example, after she finished writing her EPK and press release, she sent it to local talk shows back in her hometown and will be performing there live.

"Sunsets and Fireworks," was recorded and produced at Vibe King Studios here in Nashville, Tennessee. The start of this song was originally written in 2019, but after getting stuck, she asked her good friend and co-writer, Sammy Kay, to help her finish the song. She knew Sunsets and Fireworks could be something greater with the help of music industry professionals and other Belmont graduates. To me, that's why it's important to enlist the help of our fellow students and alumni. We are the future of the industry and can bring fresh ideas to the table.



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