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Tommy Atkins: Stuck Behind a Tractor

Let me start by saying Tommy Atkins new music makes you want to dance with someone you love. His sound is like if Jimmy Buffet decided to become a country music artist. It’s light and fun. You have certain elements in Stuck Behind a Tractor like a smooth electric guitar, steel guitar, and fiddle. It’s easy listening and a fresh, new take on country music. The first few seconds I truly thought it was going to be another "bro-country," album, but that is further from the truth. In my opinion, we need to start bringing back these classic country instruments like a steel guitar. I would love to hear more dobro and steel guitars on the radio today.

Tommy Atkins has four #1 songs across the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand. There are also many awards and nominations under his boots. Atkins works with Grammy Award Winning Producer Dr. Ford and other fantastic musicians in the country industry.

What I think makes or breaks an artist and songwriter is that they are willing to work with anyone in the industry. We don’t get anywhere sitting in our bedroom releasing music. Tommy has been networking and connecting with people in the music industry to help him in his career. The more we connect, the more opportunities we can get. Community is key.

For example, Anna Pearson, a former Belmont student, was singing harmony on Stuck Behind a Tractor. I love seeing students from my alma mater pursuing their dreams and using their degrees. No one is forced to take a chance on anyone, but what happens when you do take a chance? You take your song from raw bones to full production and artistry.

Tommy says, “Out where we live, we get stuck behind tractors all the time, and I thought that was the perfect metaphor for where I’m at right now. Between the Covid lockdowns, turning 30, and moving out to the country, I’ve learned to slow down and not lose my shit when things aren’t happening as quickly as I’d like.”

This is a great release and a great debut album. Tommy Atkins will be on the road this fall. Go to for dates and more information about his debut album.

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