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Zach Cornell: Devil's Been Working

It was great to sit and chat with Zach Cornell, another Nashville-based songwriter. Originally from Texas, he and his wife made the move to Tennessee to further his career as a songwriter. The Texas country music industry is great with opportunities, but Nashville, TN is the BEST city to be in for writing and finding the perfect co-writers. With a supportive wife and easy-going dog, Doug, they have been taking over the Nashville Country music scene little by little.

Zach Cornell recorded his 2020 album, "Devil's Been Working," down at Black Dog Recording Studio located in Nashville. Black Dog Recording Studio said, "Proud to have recorded and mixed these with the help of Dan Davis! Great guy and great musical style!" When you listen to his music, you can hear inspiration from legends such as Chris Stapleton and Garth Brooks. Zach's songwriting can be categorized into REAL country music. There is no synth, no auto-tuning, it is simply a country song. You have your guitars, drums, and bass guitar. What else do you need?

The title track, "Already Gone," is a fan favorite, Zach mentioned. It makes you want to get on the dance floor and hold someone you love close. His smooth voice and southern-style instrumentation pave the way for future records to be released. Zach is authentic and true to himself and the music. When you listen to a song like, "Get Back Soon," from his album, you will understand what I am saying. There are Americana and folk roots and express different forms of nostalgia.

Even though Zach is a songwriter, he has been playing five-six days on Broadway every week. Many regulars and tourists pass by honky tonks and bars and are overwhelmed with the live music. Songwriters and artists who play on Broadway are a different breed. They can take the chaos of an audience and use that in their set to their advantage. These writers and artists work hard 24/7, 7 days a week. Next time you're in town seeing live music, make sure to leave a tip. Everyone always expects free music, it's time to start changing that. Artists like Zach moved their homes and family to pursue their passion, though it may look different from yours.

Find Zach Cornell's Music and Updates Here:

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