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Fresh Finds: Tyler Eden

If you're a fan of Cole Swindell, Chris Young, or Dierks Bentley (and tattoed coywboys), then you're going to love Tyler Eden and his new single he just put out called, "Jar of Memories." Lyrically and instrumentally, it is a great piece. There's classic-sounding country elements as well as Tyler's crisp and natural vocal performance. Jar of Memories is the perfect combination of southern rock that we need today. While talking about his career and latest release, here's what Tyler had to say:

1. Describe yourself as an artist, what has changed in the past year?

Well, I have pretty much sung my whole life, I come from a very musically inclined family who raised me on music and around a piano. I grew up on country and ended up touring the country singing in a rock band actually for about 10 years. But, country music always just called me home and that has been my biggest shift this year. Kinda taking a break from rock and getting back to my roots in country and navigating that new journey

2. Where are you based out of?

I was raised in Mississippi, but I’ve been in Nashville coming up on 12 years. Nashville has been home for a while now.

3. What are you planning on releasing this year?

I just released my first single a bit over a month ago and the response has been so cool and awesome. I couldn’t have asked for anything better for my first release. I'm actually almost done in the studio wrapping up my first EP that will be ready to go before summer.

4. Have you been co-writing with other writers?

So far, I’ve been writing lyrically and melodically by myself. But, I have been working with the guys in Nashville’s “Big 50” on mapping out my songs and getting the right feel on them and how they should go. Andrew has been amazing in helping me get the instrumentals for the songs I send him. We have a very cool way of working together that is special and a bit unorthodox in order of operations of the process, but it works and it truly brings these songs to life.

5. What was the process for writing and releasing a Jar of Memories? Why country music?

As I said above, I essentially write a whole song melody and lyrically and send a demo, and then Andrew builds the song around it and it’s cool how we do it. I feel like it naturally just kinda puts my writing and voice in my “sweet spot” if you will. And, it’s super cool what usually comes out of the process. We did the same for “Jar Of Memories," and it came out better than I could have ever imagined. As far as country music, I love country music for accountability and vulnerability. You can truly be yourself and admit your faults in a song. It’s okay to admit that we aren’t perfect. And, I think country music does that perfectly. Allows you to be completely and totally open. I think that is something everyone can relate to.

6. Where have you been playing live music and planning to play this upcoming month?

I’ve pretty much played all over Nashville and the country the last few years. I’ve been extremely lucky and blessed to get to do that. I’m really focused on getting these songs finished for this month, but starting in May I’m gonna be ripping gigs and rounds around town. I think my next one will be on May 17th at Nashville Tour Stop at the Cambria.

7. What do you like most about your music career?

I think we all just wanna do what we love. I eat, breathe, and sleep music. It’s all I think about. I love that feeling of putting a song out and seeing it touch people the way it did when you first wrote it. It’s a very special feeling. And, also can’t forget hearing people sing your lyrics back to you. That never, ever gets old. Just knowing you did some good and impacted people while you are here on this earth. That’s enough for me to love.

8. Why did you choose a career in the music industry? What are your long term goals?

It’s just all I’ve known. I’m a firm believer in music choosing people. I did college, I did all that and all I did was sit at write lyrics all day haha. I just felt it was the right path to take. Because, I truly feel it chose me. Long term I just wanna be able to tour and play my songs for a living. I wanna be able to support a family one day by just playing my songs to people who love them just as much as I do. To me that’s the ultimate dream. To be content financially and do what I love with my best friends.

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1 Comment

Scott Scott
Scott Scott
Apr 15, 2022

Enjoyed the modern (not pop) country sound. keep up the good work.

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