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Songwriter Spotlight: Anastasia Elliot

Purple: the color of creativity, resurrection, and being bold, everything Anastasia Elliot is. She is described to be, "A multi-hyphenate creative visionary. Think Leonardo Da Vinci with a much better voice." Creates every detail of her aesthetic from costumes to music videosClassically trained opera singer and piano player, Anastasia Elliot, is now based in Nashville pursuing a career as an eclectic, dark-pop artist. When she was seventeen, Anastasia was deciding between New York, LA, and Nashville. A lot of pop artists choose to go to LA to work with producers, but Elliot wanted to expand Nashville's genres of music and make a name for herself. People only think of country music when they come down to Tennessee but there is so much more to our great city. There are pop songwriter rounds, hip-hop nights, and poetry nights. There are only a few places that support music like Anastasia's right now but that is why she's here. She wants to give other artists like her a chance to showcase their talents. Nashville is a city of story-tellers and Anastasia's music showcases exactly that.

Anastasia Elliot is committed to her career in music. There is no plan B and there is no other job she is pursuing. She and her manager are currently working on all of her public relations, social media, booking as well as rehearsals. She is going from sunrise to sunset making sure everything is in order and she's putting her best foot forward. Her future releases, as well as the latest one "London," are part of a visual project she's working on. Elliots shows involve amazing graphics, lights, and a music experience you won't forget. The production of her music is top-notch and you can tell how long it took to produce her music so it gets to her listener's ears in the best way. She spent at least fourteen days in Blackbird Studios here in Nashville, Tennessee co-producing her music.

People have told Anastasia Elliot that her voice is like someone doing vocal acrobatics. Having that classical training showcases everything Elliot can do live and in the studio. To rehearse, she even brings in a trampoline and practices her show jumping up and down to make sure she has great breath control for her upcoming shows. Every breath is planned and treasured. She went through a rough vocal surgery where she was on vocal rest for 75 days. In those 75 days, she could have risked practicing ting a few times to refresh her skills, but she stay committed to the healing process.

A lot of her knowledge in the music industry came from self-experience and managing herself. Elliot studied privately at a music school, but she didn't want to be boxed in. She wanted to modernize her opera and classical music so she could start creating a unique fanbase and career. So instead, she started taking music business and songwriting classes to push herself forward. Anastasia is not only working for herself but for other's mental health and helping those with trauma work through it.

This year, she plans on recording more music to release to keep up with the overwhelming and incredible responses to her previous songs. The music videos are a work of art. "London," gives you chills every time you watch it, it could be a legit movie. There's dramatic elements and a powerful message that you just have to see for yourself. Make sure you keep yourself up-to-date on all things Anastasia Elliot by following her on social media and checking out her website --

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