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Songwriter Spotlight: Anna Scott

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"Go for it in every sense, it took me one semester to realize I needed to start performing and writing, I am so glad that you started early," Anna Scott

Anna Scott is a singer-songwriter based out of Cleveland, Ohio, and currently is a student at Belmont University. Anna started her music career singing our national anthem at baseball games and sporting events when she was younger. Now, she is studying commercial music and music business at Belmont. As a junior at Belmont, she involves herself in organizations such as BUSA, Women in Entertainment, and GrammyU. Many of these programs are helpful to up-and-coming artists and students in the music industry. Performance is what she loves to do, along with learning about the music business, technology and songwriting. Belmont University gives her opportunities to learn and experience everything.

"I've always loved music my whole life. I entered a talent competition in the 3rd grade and knew this was the path for me. I've never felt any different. As far as songwriting goes, I started officially songwriting being at Belmont and in Nashville and I am so glad to be where I am today."

Family, friends, and fans have described her music to sound like an old country Patsy Cline and Martina McBride. Anna Scott introduces funk and pop influences to her songwriting as well. Her brand new single, "Bouncer," is about being a struggling artist and wanting to play rounds, but being able to get in. Anyone can relate to this. When I moved to Nashville before I was 21, all I wanted to do was go into some bars and honky-tonks just to listen to the music but could never get in.

Right now, Anna Scott is balancing her music career and being a full-time student. Studying commercial music and the music business is crucial. Scott is learning about two sides to the music industry: performance and business. She is currently playing shows in Cleveland like Margaritaville, brewing companies, and taverns. When she's back in Nashville, you can find her at Tin Roof, Belcourt Taps, and The Curb Cafe. Nashville Tour Stop has also been a big help to songwriters like Anna and providing great, local spots to hear and play live music.

Anna Scott mentioned how she would love to go out of Nashville and Cleveland. 75% of shows are paid in Cleveland and if you can play Broadway, those are more likely to be paid as well. Most songwriter rounds in Nashville are unpaid and you need to leave the city to find paid gigs. Scott is open to playing on Broadway and would be a Broadway musician forever if she could. With shows and rounds being unpaid, there are many ways you can support Anna Scott and other songwriters like her. Follow their social media accounts, download, and BUY their music. Companies like Spotify and Apple Music pay songwriters and artists $0.0007 per stream. You can also share their posts about any shows someone might have coming up.

BOUNCER Song Review:

"Please bouncer let me in

Maybe I'd be less upset if I wasn’t trying to be the one

That's on that stage singing for the heartbroken people

who don't care I'm half their age."

The structure of this song is a typical ABABCB. A song in ABABCB is perfect for commercial use and radio promotion. Bouncer is only 2 minutes and 38 seconds. Listeners' attention spans are only getting shorter so I love songs this length. It's the perfect amount to listen to and will make you want to listen to it again.

Bouncer would be a great Honky Tonk or two-stepping song. It is fast-paced in the sense where there are no breaks/breakdowns between verses and choruses. No guitar solos, no bass solos, just jump right in.

Two artists I can tell you Anna Scott sounds similar to right away are Martina McBride and Jo De Messina. Scott's voice is mature for only being a junior at Belmont. Studying commercial music and performance helps with her vocals and performance. You can tell she's having a good time recording this song and singing. It makes you want to get on your feet with her and dance.

This is an intimate performance. There is a bass, guitar, and drums. I would have loved to hear some more harmonies and maybe a funky electric guitar line or piano. People are sometimes afraid to add a guitar solo because it adds a few more seconds to a song and won't get pushed on the radio. I say bring back old country and rock music and add a few measures of solo. A slide guitar would have topped this song off.

Being only a junior in college, Anna Scott has a firm music foundation, but like every songwriter and artist, she knows she has so much more to learn. No one gets to where they are without practice and consistency. Anna Scott and her production team put in all their passion and effort into Bouncer and it shows.

Anna Scott's style of music is original even though I have compared her to other artists. Her vocals are unique as well as her writing style. This is the first song I have heard about being underage and wanting to play music in a bar, even though most of us songwriters have experienced that. I would love to hear more story telling in Anna's music because I know she has one to tell.


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