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Songwriter Spotlight: Jaimey Hamilton

Today I want to introduce you to this week's Spotlight: Jaimey Hamilton. She has been pursuing music since she was twelve years old when she received her first bone marrow transplant to treat her Leukemia. As a child going through an intense surgery like that, having music as an outlet helped her heal her internal wounds that come with having surgery and being different from others. Spending time at the hospital drove her to dive into songwriting and learning how to use an instrument. Since then, country music has been running through her veins.

Jaimey Hamilton's new single sounds like a mixture of Carly Pearce and sweet like Hailey Whitters. "Anxious Hearts," tells a story from start to finish. "She thinks a diamond ring will fix everything // She don’t see the wrong that he’s been doing // Blinded and so caught up in making it work // It’s like she lost sight of her own worth." Written with Johnny Kennedy and Matt Teed, "Anxious Hearts" is a pop-country production with hints of classic country layered throughout the song.

"I started music because I wanted to play guitar, so I started lessons when I was nine. I wanted to be like Taylor Swift like everyone else. I found that songwriting was healing, it's always been there for me. I see myself going back to Nashville, it's truly amazing. When you play your music, people listen," Jaimey Hamilton

Right now, Jaimey Hamilton is getting back into playing live shows and is booking herself solid this whole year from farmers markets to songwriter rounds. Hamilton loves collaborating with other artists and writers and is making sure to keep her co-writing steady. She started writing "Anxious Hearts," last year with her two writers when she brought them this random idea. They were bouncing lyrics off of each other when Hamilton referred to her phone notes and shared her lyrics with them.

This year, she plans to release another single along with "Anxious Hearts". Her first trip to Nashville was a great success and Hamilton has been working on building authentic relationships with everyone she meets. That is the key thing in the music industry: you can't fake authenticity.



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